A family stands on the edge of a waterfall at Prairie Creek Park in Richardson, Texas. Beautiful fall foliage is behind them. The mom is holding her toddler daughter and the dad is holding their older daughter. Both parents are kissing the youngest daughter while the older girl tickles her dad.

Fall is a beautiful time of year, and it’s the perfect time to capture your family’s memories. The changing leaves, cooler weather, and crisp air all make for stunning photos. But when is the best time to schedule your fall family photos?

Here’s a breakdown of the best months for fall photos, depending on what you’re looking for:

  • September: September is a great time to schedule your fall family photos if you want to capture the last of the summer vibes. The leaves and grass are still nice and green and nothing has died off yet. The weather is still warm, so you don’t have to worry about being cold like you might be if you wait until November. Plus, you can dress in short sleeves and dresses instead of having to bundle up!
  • October: October is the peak of fall foliage season. While we don’t usually get a ton of fall colors here in DFW, you’re sure to get at least a few fun colors! The leaves are at their most vibrant, and the weather is starting to cool down. This is a great time to schedule your photos if you want to capture the classic fall colors before the trees start to drop their leaves. October is by far my most popular month as a Plano, Texas family photographer.
  • November: November is a great time to schedule your fall family photos if you want to capture the beauty of the changing seasons. The leaves have mostly fallen, but there are still some beautiful colors to be seen. The weather is starting to get colder, so you’ll want to dress warmly. My favorite place to do family photos in November is at the lake. While the trees and grass may be on their way out, the lake and orange rocks around it will add color and a unique look to your fall family photos!
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No matter what month you choose, there are a few things to keep in mind when scheduling your fall family photos in Dallas, TX:

  • Book early: Fall is a popular time for family photos in Dallas, so it’s important to book your session early. This will ensure that you get your ideal date and time, and that you don’t miss out on the best foliage. October and November are my busiest months of the year, and weekend dates are the first to go.
  • Consider the weather: The weather can be unpredictable in the fall, so it’s important to be prepared for anything. Last fall, we had the rainiest season I’ve ever had to deal with in Dallas. If you’re worried about rain, you can schedule your photos indoors. I also set aside several dates each month for reschedules due to weather.
  • Choose the right location: The location of your fall family photos is important. You’ll want to find a spot with beautiful fall foliage, but you’ll also want to make sure that it’s a location that your family will enjoy. You can check out my favorite locations for family photos in Dallas, TX here.
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With a little planning, you can capture your family’s memories in stunning fall photos. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your fall family photo session with Wandermama Photography today!

Here are some additional tips for scheduling your fall family photos:

  • Ask your photographer for recommendations: Your photographer will be familiar with the best locations for fall photos in your area. They can also help you choose the right time of day for your session depending on your family’s needs. If you’re worried about bedtimes with younger kids, consider a sunrise session!
  • Schedule early enough to get your holiday cards ordered: Since fall is such a busy time of year for Plano, TX photographers, editing times may be a little bit longer than you’re used to! If you want to send out holiday cards, I recommend booking in September or October to ensure you have plenty of time to design and order your cards once you receive them.
  • Be flexible with your date and time: If you’re not able to book your ideal date and time, don’t be afraid to be flexible.
  • Looking for a mini session instead? There are often last-minute cancellations for mini sessions, so you may be able to snag a great spot at the last minute. Consider joining my wait list for mini sessions in Dallas if you missed out on booking the one you wanted.
  • Consider the time of day: The best time of day for fall photos is during the golden hour. This is the hour or so after sunrise or before sunset, when the light is soft, golden and warm.
  • Have fun! Fall family photos should be a fun and enjoyable experience. So relax, enjoy the time with your family, and let your photographer capture the memories.

As a Plano family photographer, I specialize in high-end, stress free, and FUN family photos. The memories from your session with me are sure to be displayed in your home forever more. Reach out today to book your fall family photos in Dallas, Texas.

The Best Time to Schedule Fall Family Photos in Dallas, TX

August 3, 2023

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