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Embark on a fulfilling photography journey with my guidance, courses, and Lightroom tools. Drawing from years of experience in family photography, I've created resources that can elevate both newcomers and seasoned photographers alike.  Everyone's photography journey is unique, and I'm here to support yours.

Elevate your craft and connect deeply with every shot - because every family's story deserves to shine.


Throughout my journey as a family photographer, I've gained so much knowledge, and now I'm passionate about sharing it with you. Whether you're aiming to master social media marketing or perfect your editing skills in Lightroom, I've crafted mentoring sessions that cater to your needs. Let me guide you as you embark on this amazing journey.

Social Media Marketing Mentorship

$250 (2 hours)

  • Master the art of targeting your ideal client

  • Craft compelling ads on social media

  • Discover and hone your unique advertising voice

  • Navigate the essentials of a powerful social media presence

Lightroom Editing Mastery 

$250 (2 hours)

  • Hands-on guidance on brushes

  • Strategies for efficient batch editing

  • Dive deep into preset tweaking techniques

  • Techniques to achieve flawless skin tones

Live Mentoring


  • Experience real-time sessions: Family, Maternity, or Newborn

  • 1-hour focused editing follow-up

The Full Experience


A holistic approach covering all aspects of photography mentorship

  • Social Media Marketing Mentorship

  • Lightroom Editing Mastery

  • Live Mentoring

Guiding Your Photographic Journey


I've distilled years of my experience into detailed courses that tackle various aspects of family photography. From the art of mini sessions to mastering the emotional Fresh 48 sessions, these courses are your guide to becoming a sought-after family photographer.

Learn from My Experiences


If one of these sounds familiar, this is the course for you! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just launched your photography business, there’s something in this course for everyone. Personally, I love minis and do a little over 100 mini sessions every year. Mini sessions make up a sizable chunk of my income, and they’re a lot of fun for me. Through this course, I aim to help you learn from my years of mistakes and triumphs to become a mini-session expert in no time.

I’ll give you all my best tips, tricks, and marketing tools so that not only are you selling out your minis, but you’re delivering GORGEOUS, DETAILED, CLIENT FOCUSED galleries to every single family that shows up. Together, we will go over everything from picking the perfect location to how to upsell your galleries for maximum profit. Plus, learn my trademark method for filling up every single spot every time.

All About Minis



Do you love minis, but struggle booking all your spots?

Do you dread doing minis but recognize it’s a great source of income, so you do them anyway?

Or are you just feeling kind of STUCK when it comes to mini sessions in general?

  • Planning Perfection: Choose accessible locations, align with your brand, and attract your ideal client.

  • Pricing for Profit: Essential upselling strategies for maximum profitability.

  • Effective Marketing: From optimal timelines to innovative tactics for full bookings.

  • Engagement Essentials: Keep clients informed and valued, ensuring a diverse and client-focused gallery.
  • Posing and Capturing: Techniques for varied gallery shots, from prompts to intricate session details.

  • Efficiency Tips: Minimize time spent while maximizing profits.

  • Editing Insights: A glimpse into Lightroom editing and my go-to presets.

  • Behind-the-Scenes: Dive deep into my mini session process, from start to finish.

What you will learn:

With "All About Minis", you'll gain the confidence and knowledge to offer memorable sessions, ensuring satisfied clients and a thriving business.

I can't believe how much information is packed into one course here. I've never put energy into hosting minis, but after completing this course, I'm not only planning out my 2023 minis but actually excited to do it. This course was incredibly helpful on so many levels!

-Jill Berglin

This was a great course to kickstart my mini sessions! Within 2 weeks I’ve booked out 8 spots implementing most of the advice from this course. I literally dug through my e-mail to find where I could post a review because I’m so thankful for the great information!


AnnaMarie brings back fun education. Her method for minis is well thought out and her course is packed with information to help you. My favorite part is the videos. I usually struggle to get through educational videos but these were great and so easy to watch. I even found myself laughing. I hope to see more great courses from AnnaMarie. Thank you!

-Kat Tankersley

I have never done minis before until I took this course, I can proudly say I have BOOKED OUT my Christmas Minis thanks to this course! Plus I love how helpful and sweet AnnaMarie is at answering any questions I have!

-Aubrie Bunton

AnnaMarie’s course on selling out minis is everything you need to know! Whether you’re thinking about adding minis and don’t know where to start, or already offer minis but struggle to sell out. But my favorite is that she offers videos with a huge Q&A as well as BTS so you can see her workflow for a mini session. Her tips and tricks have been super helpful for me! I don’t even start minis until October and as of early September, I’m almost completely sold out! You need this course in your life!!

-Patsy Heffernan

This course has helped me so much. Not only does AnnaMarie give you tons of ideas she also breaks down exactly how to do it (how long to do them, how many to sell, how to upgrade, market, & even the software she uses to book). I really found the bts videos to be sooo helpful. It really gave me an idea of how to maximize my flow. Not only does she have bts she also includes editing videos. She’s also super helpful out of the course. I’ve messaged her directly and she’s answered all of my questions. Don’t miss out!

-Katrina Ceaser


If so, this is the course for you! I will walk you through everything about Fresh 48 sessions from start to finish. ‘For the Love of Fresh 48’ is jam-packed with useful information and what to do from the time you receive that inquiry to after you’ve completed editing the gallery and are ready to market and book more. I go over everything you could ever need to know, from preparing parents for the session, to navigating difficult hospital lighting, to dealing with babies who just won’t settle no matter what you do. By the end of this course, you will be delivering gorgeous galleries that are 100% unique to each client and that they are sure to cherish for years to come.

For the Love of Fresh 48



Are you missing that wow factor in your Fresh 48 galleries and can’t figure out how to make your images stand out?

Struggling to book Fresh 48 sessions in the first place?

Or are you trying to break into the world of Fresh 48 photography but have no idea where to start?

  • The Fresh 48 Difference: Master the nuances that set Fresh 48 sessions apart.

  • Effective Scheduling: Ensure optimal timing for these crucial sessions.

  • Client Prep: Equip parents for the experience and style them for unforgettable shots.

  • Tackling Challenges: Navigate hospital lighting and unexpected hitches with confidence.

  • Engagement Techniques: Poses and prompts to involve the entire family in the session.

  • Safety First: Crucial protocols when capturing newborns.

  • Personal Touch: Customize each session, offering unique galleries for every family.

  • Behind the Lens: Dive into my comprehensive Fresh 48 process.

  • Masterful Editing: Techniques from basic edits to intricate newborn skin retouching.

What you will learn:

With "For the Love of Fresh 48", you're equipped to offer family memories that stand the test of time.

This course was incredible!!! I loved that it offered practical tips for how to approach fresh 48 sessions as well as tangible examples of how AnnaMarie edits. The BTS videos were also super helpful in seeing how a successful session goes. Highly recommend!

-Taylor Rollins

Absolutely loved this course and did a session just a few weeks later! I even reached out to AnnaMarie afterward for some pointers on lighting. She messaged me back and answered all my questions! Highly recommend!!

-Tiffany Bond

I LOVED this course! I am wanting to offer Fresh 48 sessions

-Kayla Scribner


Little Hands and Growing Bumps




Unleash the true potential of your photographs with our meticulously crafted Lightroom brushes. These brush packs are designed to address the unique challenges photographers face, making your images not just stand out, but truly resonate. 

Elevate Your Editing with Wandermama's Custom Lightroom Brushes

These photography brushes for Lightroom will take your photos to the next level and make your images POP!

This brush pack includes:
  • Background Pop (my personal favorite!)
  • Blue Hair Removal
  • Blue Hour Sky
  • Clothing Pop
  • Dreamy Background
  • Orange Skin
  • Spray Tan Removal
  • Spray Tan Addition (for those clients who "missed a spot")
  • Super Pop Sky

Basic Brush Pack - $35


Lightroom Brushes


B&W Presets (coming soon)

Filmy Presets (coming soon)