Looking for tips for family photos that don’t feel like a stressful, anxiety-producing chore? Keep reading – I’ve got you covered!

So many mamas feel overwhelmed and stressed out by the thought of getting everyone in clean, coordinating outfits and somehow making everyone stay still, look at the camera, and smile. At the same time! But I believe family photos should be about making and capturing memories! So I want the entire experience to be joyful, fun, and relaxed. Yes – it is possible… I promise!

Take Advantage of My Client Closet

If you’re taking family photos in Plano with me, you’ve got access to my full client closet! Instead of stressing out over finding coordinating outfits, you can browse my extensive options for mamas and kiddos. 

Everything coordinates and works together to create the visual image you want… with none of the work!

Let Your Kids Be Themselves

So much of the stress of family photo sessions comes when you try to force your kiddos to be quiet, smiling, perfect little creatures.

I’m all about letting your family be themselves! You can interact, play, laugh, and enjoy your time together… all while I capture joyful images in the moment.

Yes, we’ll wrangle everyone for a few posed shots – but the best photos are the real photos. The images of your sons chasing each other around the picnic blanket, your partner swinging your little one up in the air, and everyone sharing a laugh over a silly joke. 

This is your official permission to relax, mama. You don’t have to be perfect and neither do your kids. Let’s capture the magic of you all being together.

Other Tips for Family Photos

  • Schedule your photo session for a time when everyone is typically awake and in a pretty good mood. Interrupting nap time never goes well!
  • Feed your kids… and the adults. A decent snack before getting ready helps everyone feel better!
  • Work with your photographer to outline any “must have” shots so you can get those taken care of and not worry you’ll miss something.

Remember that your photographer knows how to capture the moment. A frown can sometimes make for the cutest shot. And a twirling little one may look chaotic in the moment, but we can get an image you’ll love!

Love these tips for family photos? I’ve got even more to share with my clients! Contact me to book your session or chat about what you’re looking for with your next family photo session.

My Best Tips for Family Photos – Enjoy a Fun, Stress-free Experience

March 8, 2023

Tips and Tricks

Let’s capture your memories and have a blast doing it!

Little ones grow up so quickly – you’ll want to remember this moment in time.

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