Looking at booking with a photographer, but not sure about the best time of day to take family photos? This post will guide you to the perfect timing for what you want!

The number one rule in photography is to avoid harsh, direct sunlight.

While a blazing sun overhead is great for a day at the pool, it’s not ideal for photos. 

So when considering when to schedule your family photo session, try to avoid the middle of the day if at all possible. This advice applies to outdoor photo sessions. If you’re taking photos in a studio or indoors, we can work lots of magic with lighting – so any time during the day should be fine. (For studio sessions, some studios do have better lighting at certain times of the day. Always check with the studio owner to see what times they recommend!) 

Early Morning Family Photography Sessions

I love a good sunrise session! I know it can sound daunting, and you may not feel like you look your best first thing in the morning, but there are a lot of pros to booking a family photo session within an hour or so of sunrise.

Some reasons to consider an early morning family photo session:

  • If your kids already get up at the crack of dawn, you can take advantage of everyone being up and ready to go
  • No one has had a chance to get dirty or develop a bad mood… yet
  • It’s a really fun way to start a day together
  • The soft light is dreamy and romantic
  • Fewer crowds – if you want to take photos in a popular outdoor spot, you’ll have the place more to yourselves the earlier you go

Is Evening the Best Time of Day to Take Family Photos?

The hour or two right before sunset is magical. We call it “golden hour” for a reason – everything looks softer and prettier in the pre-sunset light.

Some reasons you may want to consider taking early evening photos:

  • You have the day to get ready without rushing to get out the door on time
  • Unless we’re shooting in the middle of summer, you’re usually home by bed time
  • Everyone can relax and enjoy the photo session after a day of playing, school, or work
  • You’ll get that epic glow you love in photos you’ve saved on Pinterest

When you want to be outside, the 2-hour window after sunrise and the 2-hour window before sunset are the best time of day to take family photos! 

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Choosing the Best Time of Day to Take Family Photos

January 5, 2023

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