There’s just something so magical about newborn sessions. Their tiny feet, the way they grip your finger, and the love you can plainly see between mom and dad and their sweet new addition. There are some days I have such a perfect session that I still can’t believe this is my job!

Evan’s gallery is definitely one of those. I’m in love with every single photo from this sweet boy’s session, so I decided I just had to share them with you! He is one of the oldest newborns I’ve ever photographed at just over a month old, but I honestly love the awake shots older babies give, so you won’t catch me complaining! Plus, that’s part of the beauty of lifestyle newborn photography. Whereas studio newborn is best done between 10 and 14 days old due to the fact that the baby is wrapped most of the time and you want them asleep the entire session, there really isn’t a right or wrong time with lifestyle newborn. I’ve done babies as young as 6 days old and as late as 8 weeks old, and all of them have turned out beautifully. If you are wanting sleepy shots of your older baby, I suggest working around their normal nap time. Since brand new babies sleep so much, it’s not too hard to get at least a few sleepy shots. Even if you choose to do photos of your baby in your home at 5 months old, we will still capture all those magical every day and in between moments. Like I said, there is no right or wrong time. The most important thing is that you get them done within the first 7 months, because it’s true, babies don’t keep.

Check out a few of my favorites from Evan’s lifestyle newborn session below!

Evan’s Newborn Session –

August 11, 2022

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