Lifestyle sessions are the perfect thing for your newborn and family. I love it for so many reasons. Lifestyle pretty much is an approach that allows us to capture your newborn in the comfort of their surroundings. These are natural photos without the backdrop of a studio and/or posed looks.

Newborn lifestyle photography is a big trend these days. It’s a genuine, personal look into the life of your newborn and your family. I’m able to better capture the emotional connection between you and your new baby, too. As a bonus, your newborn is usually more relaxed allowing for even better photos. Posed photos are great, don’t get me wrong, but lifestyle photos are able to catch something unique and special. Let’s face it, as new parents, it’s tough to get out the door. It’s so easy when the photographer comes to you, and you aren’t walking out the door half asleep with 20 extra baby things in your hands. I distinctly remember the level of anxiety of having to go anywhere at all when my son was first born, and obviously we want to avoid that for you if at all possible!

I usually come to your home for these photos. This is a great chance to show off the nursery you worked so hard on, or even to get some sweet, intimate shots in your bedroom or living room. I may ask you to tell me the place in your home with the most natural lighting, but I can work in just about any lighting situation. We want these photos to really reflect what your life and home look like when your new addition first comes home! Don’t stress if your home isn’t straight out of a magazine, we want these photos to reflect YOU and your lifestyle. You’ll need to dress in the attire that brings you the most comfort. I know firsthand how uncomfortable those first few weeks postpartum are. That’s another great thing about an in-home lifestyle newborn session: You can dress as casual as you want! These photos are a look into your everyday life. Go for neutral or pastel colors. We’ll get lots of fun shots as well as plenty of emotive moments. Having your baby in a plain white bodysuit or neutral knotted gown is best, so that the focus is completely on their face and all their little newborn details without a bulky outfit in the way.

I love to incorporate siblings into the photos. If your older kids aren’t so sure about getting their photo taken, I have several tricks up my sleeve, or we can always focus more on “fun” shots in the beginning so that they warm up to the idea. This will help them loosen up when I take photos with them and the new baby. If you have pets, I’d be happy to incorporate them, as well! Your furry family members are just as important and just as much a part of your story.

One of the best things about lifestyle newborn photography is your baby doesn’t have to be asleep. As long as the baby is comfortable, we’re ready to go. One secret is to keep the area warm. Babies love to be warm, of course! When the baby is fussy, it’s tough on everyone. I incorporate extra time if you need to take breaks to feed or change some diapers. We don’t have to rush through this photoshoot. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your session. However, one of the biggest differences between lifestyle and posed newborn photography is that an in-home lifestyle session typically takes much less time. I usually spend one to two hours capturing your sweet newborn, whereas a studio session can sometimes go as long as four hours!

The secret to lifestyle newborn photography is “life.” No one should pose in these photos. Go about interacting with the baby as you do every day. I’ll capture these special moments. This photography session takes away all of the usual stress of screaming at siblings to smile and making everyone pose perfectly without looking awkward. A lifestyle session is all about capturing the chaos of your everyday life along with the beauty of this world.

Maybe you’re thinking about booking a newborn session, but your home doesn’t exactly look like your pinterest board, and it’s definitely not clean. I mean after all, you just had a baby! Who has time to pick up burp cloths, pacifiers, toys and do the dishes? Or maybe you just prefer the studio look. I’m here to say: I get it! Life happens, and sometimes you need a different option. 

This is where photography studios come in! There are lots of different photography studios all over Dallas, Plano, McKinney and the surrounding areas. Most studios rent by the hour for a small charge. In return, you get full use of their gorgeous and unique space. Some have beds, some have rolling backdrops, some have the perfect garden area for an indoor/outdoor look, and there are even several boho and minimalist options. 

Some of my favorite photography studios in the area are:

The Lumen Room – Dallas, TX (multiple locations, all with different prop options)

Little House on Routh – Dallas, TX

Brookielynn’s Bungalow – Frisco, TX

New Light Studio – Bedford, TX

The Loft – McKinney, TX

PL Studio – Lake Dallas, TX

Artist Uprising Studios – Richardson, TX

Stem and Light – Waxahachie, TX

Lemon Drop Studios – McKinney, TX

BLK STRY Studio – Frisco, TX

Pink Pineapple Studios – Bedford, TX

Dear Meraki Studio – Dallas, TX

Lifestyle Newborn Photography: What makes it unique?

July 29, 2022

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